Kulliyyah of Pharmacy

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The Ministry of Education Malaysia approved the establishment of the Pharmacy program on the 1st August 2000. The proposal to establish the Bachelor of Pharmacy with Honours program is in line with the aspirations of the long term development of the Indera Mahkota Campus, IIUM, Kuantan.

The Kulliyyah of Pharmacy accepted its first 45 students in June, 2002. They successfully graduated in 2006. In July 2009 the Kulliyyah of Pharmacy moved to her designated building. This building has the maximum capacity of accepting 150 undergraduate students annually.

The pharmacy program will be able to produce professionals in this discipline who can fulfil the requirements of Malaysia in particular, and Muslim countries in general. It is hoped that the graduates would be able to handle all problems related to drugs and their usage, and further develop the pharmaceutical industry and related technology.

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