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The Administration Finance and Maintenance Unit is guided by the vision of the Mosque, the University's rules and regulations for its role in providing administration, finance and maintenance services to the different units of the Mosque management.

The unit shall to the best of its ability provide professional services characterized by speed, accuracy, safety and warmth to its customers. The unit's execution of duties will be based on teamwork and cooperation in goodness and taqwa.



The activities of the unit shall be planned accordingly so as to facilitate the achievement of the objectives. It shall incorporate the training of staff, updating of technological capabilities and optimizing the system that is in place.



1)        HR management – leave, attendance, training, appraisal, payment, inventory, asset, income and purchasing.

2)        Financial management – operating budget, trust fund, procument, petty cash.

3)        Quality assurance – ISO and audit.

4)        Office management – meeting, safety and filing.

5)        Maintenance – electrical and civil.

6)        Strategic management – Strategic Planning, BSC, client day and 5S.

7)        SHAS Mosque customer satisfaction – survey.

8)        IT compliance – Website, IT requirement and system enhancement.

9)        Facilities management, booking, lost and found and key management.