Quality Objectives

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1)      80% of respondents rated 4 & 5 to the customer satisfaction survey conducted yearly.

2)      Number of awareness campaign programmes conducted to attract people for congregational prayers per year : 3 times

3)      Number of invitation received for official programmes per year : 50 times.

4)      100% of breakdown cases are solved within 24 hours. (Blackout & PA system Breakdown)

5)      Number of inspection to ensure good condition of Janazah Van conducted according to PUSPAKOM’s requirements. : Twice per year

6)      80% of the targeted number of participants attended for the programmes conducted by the Mosque.

7)      80% of planned activities are conducted.

8)      80% of participants rated 4&5 on the programmes conducted.

9)      100% of administrative staff attended training per year (CTD:42 points)

10)   50% of applications for enrolment in IQRA’ Programmes are attended.