Guidelines On the Use of Facilities

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Use of Laboratory


A.    Approval for use of research facilities in Kulliyyah of Medicine (KOM)

1.    All research projects conducted by academic staff and post-graduate (PG) students of the Kulliyyah of Medicine (KOM) must have approval by the Research Committee of the KOM.

2.    Research activities to be conducted by any other person (other Kulliyyahs/or from outside agencies) in the laboratories of KOM, planning either to use the laboratory space or apparatus must obtain permission from the Deputy Dean for Research and Postgraduate Affairs of KOM. An approved Research Proposal from the institution must be submitted, and it shall be kept confidential. The research activity and the facilities that are required are to be clearly stated (e.g. space requirement and specific instrument etc.) 

3.    Students registered with other institutions of higher education/agencies should apply to use the laboratory through their respective institutions to the Dean of KOM and should acknowledge the usage of such facilities in their reports/publications.

B.    Conduct of use of research facilities in KOM

1.    Upon approval of any research activities, the researcher should meet and brief the Lecturer- in- Charge of the laboratory.

2.    PG students not registered with the Kulliyyah of Medicine should acknowledge the use of the laboratory facilities in their research reports and publications.

3.    Priority for using of laboratory space/facilities (including instruments) shall be given to academic staff and PG students of the Kulliyyah of Medicine above all others.

4.    In the case of PG students (KOM or otherwise), supervision of their activities should be in place at all times.

5.    All research activities must comply with the laboratory safety procedures of that laboratory where the researcher is working.

6.    All first time user of a particular laboratory must be briefed by SO/MLT in charge on the laboratory safety and acknowledge that they have received the briefing by signing the relevant form.

7.    All chemicals brought into the laboratory must be accompanied by its Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) or Chemical Safety Data Sheet (CSDS).

8.    All daily activities and usage of instruments must be entered in the specific log-book provided.

9.    Access to expensive and delicate instruments should only be during office hours with supervision.

10.    Researchers using facilities outside of office hours must obtain prior permission from the Head of Department or the Lecturer-in-Charge of the specific laboratory by filling the relevant form.  SO/MLT will be assigned, by the Head of Department or Lecture-in-charge, in making sure the laboratory safety procedures are always adhered to.

11.    Only researchers from the KOM are permitted to use the laboratory facilities during weekend (under special conditions). Prior permission from the Head of Department is needed by filling the relevant form.  SO/MLT will be assigned, by the Head of Department to ensure the laboratory safety procedures are always adhered to.

C.    DAMAGE TO of research use facilities of KOM as a result

1.    The cost of repair of any breakdown/malfunction of facilities/instruments due to improper usage shall be borne equally by the Kulliyyah and the user’s institution.

2.    The cost of disposable materials/reagents should be borne by the researcher’s grant. Alternatively the Kulliyyah/Department will charge the researcher for the materials/reagents use.

3.    Any use of reagents of other researcher is forbidden, unless written permission is obtained.

Dean, Kulliyyah of Medicine.