PhD in Microbiology

Taking into account Malaysia’s pressing need to produce specialists in various medical disciplines in order to promote advancements in medicine, the Kulliyyah of Medicine offers Master’s and Doctoral degree programmes, as well as postgraduate clinical programmes in various specialized disciplines.

Programme Description

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As part of their academic training, postgraduate students are expected to participate in the teaching of undergraduates in the following ways:

• Facilitating workshops, seminars, and tutorial sessions
• Assisting problem-based learning discussion groups
• Participating in invigilating and grading examinations
• Demonstration/supervision of laboratory practical work
• Assisting lecturers in the preparation of teaching material

Postgraduate students are also encouraged to participate in Kulliyyah research projects as co-researchers, research assistants (RA), or research officers (RO), use Kulliyyah research facilities as approved by the Kulliyyah, and write and publish research reports as approved by the Kulliyyah. In 2007, the postgraduate students launched their society known as Postgraduate Students Society Kuantan Campus (PGSS Kuantan Campus) which comprise of students from all the Kulliyyah in the Kuantan Campus.

Entry Requirements

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