MMDSc in Microbiology

Students are required to take all of the Compulsory Programme Required Courses (15 credit hours).

Programme Description

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The programmes are highly structured with clear learning objectives. Fixed hours will be assigned for classroom, practical and other teaching and learning activities. A full-credit system based on semesters as being practiced by the rest of the university is used. The academic year consists of two regular semesters and one short semester. The regular semester have 14 weeks of lectures each while the short semester has only 7 weeks. The duration of leave or holiday within and between each semester is determined by the university with some discretion given to each department.

Students can opt to do their programme as either Full-time or Part-time. There is some amount of flexibility to the duration and status of the study period but it has to follow the university’s Postgraduate Policies and Regulations.

Programme Required courses can either be compulsory or elective as prescribed in the programme of study. Compulsory courses must be taken and passed before a student can graduate from the programme. Elective courses are taken as necessary from any of the courses offered as deemed appropriate by the Kulliyah.

A Prerequisite Course is a specific course that is required to be completed prior to registering for a relevant postgraduate course. Students may also audit a course as deemed appropriate by the Kulliyyah provided it is not at the expense of the Programme Required courses. Postgraduate students may be required to attend specific courses that are being conducted for the undergraduate medical students, according to the programmes pursued.

Potential postgraduate students can choose to do the programme either by the Coursework and Research or the Research Only mode. The Kulliyyah will recommend a suitable course structure to the student after considering the student’s prior academic achievement and the availability of an appropriate supervisor. In suitable cases practical research work and experience can be done in an approved institution outside Kuantan or IIUM.

Students opting for the Research Only programme will be required to send in a preliminary research proposal in an area of interest when applying for the programme. At the end of the programme students are expected to produce a substantive thesis showing some amount of originality.  A minimum of 7 credit hours in basic research knowledge (from the Core Required Courses) will be required to be audited by students doing the Research Only programme.

For the Coursework and Research programme, students are required to take a minimum of 21 credit hours in total of the relevant courses among the Discipline Required Courses. The research component will contribute another 15 credit hours to a MMDSc candidate, or 33 hours for a Ph.D candidate, as part of the requirement to obtain their degree.



Entry Requirements

•    English Language Proficiency:
    Applicants are required to present a valid certificate for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), International English Language Testing Service (IELTS) or the IIUM administered English Placement Test (EPT) with required minimum scores of 550 (TOEFL) and 6.0 (IELTS & EPT - individual bands).

•    First Degree:

    A recognised undergraduate medical degree (MBBS or its equivalent), a Bachelor of Science with Honours with a First Class or Second Class Upper grade in an appropriate subject from an accredited institution of higher learning or its equivalent; or other relevant basic degrees that are able to fulfil the specific Kulliyyah / Department Programme requirements, such as BDS or BVM from an accredited institution of higher learning.

As far as possible, BSc holders are advised to choose a MMDSc programme in the same discipline as their bachelor degree. Non-MBBS or equivalent degree candidates are also required to take a minimum of 3 credit hours of the relevant Prerequisite courses in their discipline of study before they are eligible to register for the compulsory Programme-Required courses.

•    Entrance tests:
    Submission of satisfactory test scores of an internationally recognized graduate test will be considered for those holding first degrees from institutions of higher learning that are not accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education. They may also have to sit an Aptitude Test if deemed necessary by the Kulliyyah Board of Postgraduate Studies.

•    Professional references
    As required in the postgraduate studies application form.

•    Character references
    As required in the postgraduate studies application form.

•    Personal interview
    Telephone interviews may be carried out if deemed appropriate by the Kulliyyah Postgraduate Committee.

•    Financial Documentation
    Proof of financial sponsorship for the duration of the course is necessary as stipulated in the application form.