MIM - Master of Medicine (Internal Medicine)


The postgraduate training programme in Internal Medicine is designed for the trainees to acquire knowledge, skills and competency in Internal Medicine. The duration of training will be four years and can be up to a maximum of seven years. Upon satisfactory completion of each of the components stipulated in the programme, the trainees will be eligible to appear for the final examination.

Programme Description

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The programme is problem-centered and experience-based. Trainees carry out their duties and responsibilities under supervision. As the training progresses, the trainees will be given the task of incremental responsibility for patient care with a corresponding reduction in the level of supervision. Trainees are required to maintain log books and submit case reports. They should also conduct research and produce a dissertation prior to the final examination.


1. To prepare trainees for Phase I, Phase II and Phase III examinations conducted in conjunction with National Internal Medicine Conjoint Board Examination.

2. To provide training programme that will produce compassionate, knowledgeable and technically competent medical specialists.

3. To offer an Islamic perspective as well as producing well-rounded and competent professionals with a good background in the art and science of medicine.

4. To prepare new specialists with comprehensive in-house education and training in all major specialties in Internal Medicine to enable them to function equipped with good education, strong ethical values as well as with great attitude.


The organizational structure of the programme is designed to produce candidates who are not only competent in performing the functions of general medicine, but are capable of pursuing further training in a sub-specialty of their interest.

The programme duration is four years aimed at progressively mastery of knowledge, skills and attitude. There will also be cumulative responsibilities as well as independence.



Entry Requirements

•    English Language Proficiency:
    Applicants are required to present a valid certificate for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), International English Language Testing Service (IELTS) or the IIUM administered English Placement Test (EPT) with required minimum scores of 550 (TOEFL) and 6.0 (IELTS & EPT - individual bands).
•    Applicants for the programme must fulfil the requirements listed below:-
i)     M.B.B.S/MD or other equivalent undergraduate medical qualifications from     recognized institutions (local or overseas) by Malaysian Medical Council.
ii)     A minimum of 3 years clinical experience inclusive houseman-ship and
d)    Candidates must be registered with the Malaysia Medical Council (MMC) and has valid Annual Practicing Certificate.
•    Entrance tests:
    Submission of satisfactory test scores of an internationally recognized graduate test will be considered for those holding first degrees from institutions of higher learning that are not accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education. They may also have to sit an Aptitude Test if deemed necessary by the Kulliyyah Board of Postgraduate Studies.
•    Professional references
    As required in the postgraduate studies application form.
•    Character references
    As required in the postgraduate studies application form.
•    Personal interview
    Telephone interviews may be carried out if deemed appropriate by the Kulliyyah Postgraduate Committee.
•    Financial Documentation
    Proof of financial sponsorship for the duration of the course is necessary as stipulated in the application form.