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MaHIR Centre is an attribution to Mental Health Information & Research Centre (MaHIR Centre). With far advance in cutting-edge IT technology, we should fully utilize this opportunity to deliver benefits to our population (Ummah). Based on this idea, a dedicated team from both Department of Psychiatry, IIUM and Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan had decided to establish a centre with fully supported by webpage facilities to disperse it agenda

The main aims of this centre are to empower the patients and their families on the knowledge about their illnesses and treatment available. Second main target is to enhance a research ambiance related to psychiatry. Research has always been a hallmark for universities. To cultivate the concept “not just be the users of information but be the contributors and proactive key players in knowledge development”. Other objective is to entrench the idea of critical thinking in Medical fraternity. MaHIR Centre will promote research culture and encourage research activities in area of psychiatry. It has been proved by creating a research centre will enhance the above missions.