Community Service

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The Hearing Community Service (HCS) initiated by IIUM is one of the services available for the Public.  It serves as a platform to reinforce the preservation of hearing and the importance of proper hearing care.  The mobile unit is in fact a platform for IIUM to provide quality service to the regional community and the public.

HCS incorporate free hearing screening (ear health examination) and referral for further hearing investigation if necessary.  The examination will be conducted by trained personnel, audiologist and otolaryngologist.  We provide the HCS for schools, organizations, at public events, health awareness camps and others who are interested for the free hearing screening program.

Our mobile audiology and ENT unit comes fully equipped with diagnostic audiometer equipment to measure hearing level, middle ear analyzer to evaluate middle ear condition, otoscopy with digital camera to acquire visual image of ear drum (tympanic membrane) and diagnostic soundproof room for proper hearing evaluation.

We usually provide individual hearing screening result and/or full report of the examination.  All information are strictly confidential.  IIUM HCS will always prioritize professionalism in our service and we will strive to give the best which includes calibration protocols and proper hearing measurement.

For further details kindly contact:

Ear and Hearing Clinic at 09-5716622 (Br Mohd Firdaus)