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The International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) is a global endeavour on education, training and research. IIUM was established in 1983 to spearhead the work to galvanize the Muslim Ummah through education and other strategic activities. After 25 years in the path of education, training and research and IIUM can be proud of many achievements. IIUM has embarked on the teaching of medicine through the formation of a Kulliyyah of Medicine in 1995. The IIUM Kulliyyah of Medicine envisions being the esteemed centre producing highly motivated and accomplished doctors practicing holistic medicine that will enable them to lead the medical profession and to influence the medical practice worldwide.

The long term strategic plan of IIUM Kulliyyah of Medicine is to establish its own teaching hospital with Islam as its foundation. IIUM Hospital will promotes Islam as The Way of Life and creation of a society imbued with Islamic values through peace, moderation, just, compassion, quest for knowledge, sustainable economy and in harmony with the environment.

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As a new initiative for Malaysia through its location in the east coast region of the peninsula, IIUM Hospital integrates well with the ECER development initiative to be part of the future platform for the national healthcare referral network especially for the people in the east coast. The IIUM Hospital will also contribute to sustainable employment opportunities for a wide array of medical and related professions in a conducive environment to strive for excellence. As an international medical centre, IIUM Hospital will provide a platform for both local and international professionals the appropriate environment to excel in research and innovation. In its pursuance for excellence in the region and worldwide, its location in Kuantan augurs well for healthcare tourism.

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