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A Single Step

Begin your journey of a thousand miles with IIUM. Located in the multiracial, multicultural nation of Malaysia, IIUM prides itself as the world’s premier Islamic University, with the dream to promote world peace while adhering to the key principles of Islamic teachings.

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Quality Islamic Education

We believe that we should offer quality education, on par with other universities around the world, taught to our students by an international group of lecturers and experts, while simultaneously infusing our programmes and courses with Islamic teachings and values.

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Global Islamic Culture

The message of peace as taught in Islam can only be realized through the people who practice it. Thus we encourage our international collection of students to participate, socialize and work with one another to forge bonds of friendship and collaboration.

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Active Spirit

We believe in our students finding balance in their lives, intellectually, emotionally and physically. We encourage sports, recreation and other activities that promote a healthier, more holistic way of living.

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Giving Back to the Industry

We understand our role as an integral part of the training the workforce of our industries. Thus we also pride ourselves with having a direct hand in advising and influencing the businesses and economies around the world.

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Giving Back to Society

We give back to the community. Not only because it is our responsibility as dutiful Muslims to be charitable and compassionate to our fellow brothers and sisters, but also as an education institute, we believe that all our students should be practice these values as well.

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