User Education

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The library also provides a variety of user education programmes to enable users to utilize the library to its maximum potential. The programmes educate the users on the techniques of searching for information from abstracts, indexes, databases and other information sources.

Library Orientation

The library orientation programmes help to familiarize new students with the services and facilities available in the library. These are usually conducted at the beginning of each new semester.

Information Literacy Workshop

User education and Information Literacy Courses are courses offered to the library customers as an attemp to provide quality services and provide the latest information on the library to assist customers in information seeking and researches.
Objectives of the course:
1. To introduce the services, collection and facilities to the Library customers
2. To enable the customers to identify and access various information resources, printed and electronic, for their information search.
3. To enable the customers to understand how to use strategic searching skills in information searching
4. To develop lifelong culture among the library customers.

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