Library Policy & Regulations

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General Library Rules and Regulations

The following IIUM Library’s rules and regulations are to ensure all its customers have optimal access to the limited resources available:  

Official time of the Library, including the basis for determining fines for overdue borrowing will be read according to the Circulation System Clock or the clock at the Borrowing Counter.  Should these clocks be out of order, the Library staff shall determine the correct time.

Customers must be formally and decently attired as defined in the University Dress Code.  In summary it states:-

“Well groomed and properly attired; excluding the use of slippers and any form of footwear that reflect sloppiness, “sarong” and “T-shirt” without collar for men, and clothing that does not cover the ‘aurat…”

Children and pets are not allowed to enter the Library.  

Customers are required to conduct themselves properly and give cooperation to create a pleasant atmosphere in the library conducive for study and research.

All communication gadgets must be set to silent mode within the library premises

Customers wishing to use a library’s IT facilities must (sign where needed and) abide by relevant trust ICT Policies.

Customers may not duplicate the whole text of any materials.  They may only copy materials in accordance to the provisions of the Copyright legislation currently in force and the preservation policy of the Library. Customers are responsible for the consequences of any breach of copyright. Guidelines on Copyright are displayed beside all photocopying machines in the Library and in the Library’s webpage.

Customers are not allowed to misuse IT resources as follows:

                        9.1       tampering with IT equipment

                        9.2       using of PCs for recreational use (e.g. games)

                        9.3       viewing websites or images that violate the IT policy or the              

                                    University policy

(Refer to Appendix 1:  International Islamic University Malaysia,  Information Communication Technology Regulations 2012) 

Customers are not allowed to bring the following into the Library:

                        10.1     Food and drink (bottled plain water is permissible)

                        10.2     Wet umbrella

                        10.3     Crash helmet

                        10.4     Any forms of weapons

Reservation of seat is not permitted. In accordance to the University’s rule, users must conform to the separate seating provided for Brothers and Sisters.

Customers are not allowed to remove or change the placement of chairs, tables or any other furniture in the Library.

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the library.

Silence is to be strictly observed in the Library.


                        16.1     Personal possessions are the responsibility of the users. Whilst          

                                    in the Library, please make sure that you keep your personal          

                                    possessions with you at all times.

                        16.2     A security system is in operation at the exit gate from the Library

                                    to safeguard library property for use by everyone. The users may   

                                    also be asked to open books, folders and bags for inspection by   

                                    a member of staff.

                        16.3     Video cameras located around the Library provide extra                


Library Staff shall remove books and other articles left for any length of  time on tables, chairs, discussion rooms, carrel rooms.  

The Library accepts no responsibility for loss of personal belongings left unattended.

The Library staff on duty has the authority to bar any person from using library facilities for any infringement of the Library Rules and Regulations.

A warning chime/siren will be aired ten minutes before closing time. All customers must leave the Library immediately after.

Library Authority may amend Library Rules and Regulations as and when necessary.