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Chronological Development of the IIUM Library

The IIUM Library was established with the birth of the University at its Petaling Jaya Campus in 1983.  With only one seconded librarian during its early growth period, the Library's Staff streangth now comprises of XX librarians and XXX staff including among others, technical staff, library assistants and administrative assistants.

Below is a brief chronological development of IIUM Library:

1983, May                             

Establishment of IIUM Library in Petaling Jaya.
1987, July Opening of the Matriculation Library in Subang Jaya
1991, Dec Launching of the online OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) using the DOBIS LIBIS integrated library system
1992, Oct Launching of automated circulation system
1993, Jun Installation of Electronic Book Security System
1994, May E-mail and INTERNET facilities were introduced
1997, Feb Official handing over of the new library building in Gombak, moved into the new building and the opening of the first phase to users
1997, June Opening of the Kuantan branch library
1998, Feb Installation of the Horizon library system
2000, May Introduction of information services based on subjects of specialization.
2000, May  Launching of WEBPAC (OPAC via the web)
2002, Apr The Library won 2 Quality Award
=> 1st place : IIUM Quality Best Customer Services Award
=> 2nd Place : IIUM Quality Agency Award
2002, Oct ISTAC (and Civilization) became the third branch of IIUM Library
2003, Jun Opening of the second location of the Kuantan branch library at Indera Mahkota campus
2003, Oct Library was awarded the ISO MS 9001 : 2000 certification
2004, Apr Library was awarded the IIUM Quality Agency Award 2003
2004, Jun Implementation of the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system
2004, Jul Installation of the Media on Demand (MOD) hardware and software
2005, Mar Library was awarded the IIUM Quality Agency Award 2004
2005, May Installation of the pedestrian gate
2005, Jul Installation and implementation of electronic lockers
2005, Sep Upgrading of the Horizon Library System
2006, Feb Benchmarking visit to Australian universities
2006, Feb Library won two Quality Awards
+ IIUM Best Quality Customer Service Award 2005
+ IIUM Quality Agency Award 2005 (1st Place)
2006, Mar Al-Furqan Islamic Heritage Foundation,collborated with IIUM Library to organise the 5th International Course on the Handling Cataloguing of Islamic Manuscript which was held at the IIUM Research Centre
2006, Oct Retained the ISO certification for the 2nd cycle after the 1st Re-assessment Audit
2006, Dec The Matriculation Library is now known as the Center for Foundation Studies (CFS) Library.
2007, Jun Library Balanced Scorecard was developed and established
2007, Jul The Nilai branch library of the Center for Foundation Studies was established
2007, Jul QUBIX System to manage frequently asked questions was introduced
2007, Nov Merged as a support service of the University’s teaching and learning process
2007, Dec Community Service : Refurbishment of the Resource Centre of Rumah Amal Cahaya Tengku Ampuan Rahimah (RACTAR) at Subang Jaya
2008, Jan Establishment of two groups of Innovative and Creative Circles (ICC)
2008, Mar Library was awarded Quality Customer Service Award 2007
2008, Mar Refurbishment of the Ahmad Ibrahim Collection and the Faculty Reading Room in collaboration with the Law Centre
2008, Apr Establishment of the Post-graduate Lounge in collaboration with the university’s Centre for Post-graduate Studies
2008, Apr Introduction of the PC Reservation System to monitor usage of public PCs in the Library
2008, May Refurbishment of the Light Reading Room and the Children’s Waiting Area
2008, Jun Community Service : Refurbishment of the Resource Centre of Sek. Ren. Agama Islam Sg. Cincin, Gombak
2008, Jun IIUM Library together with KICT collaborated with Paradigm Systems Bhd in organizing the Conference on Innovation in Managing Knowledge for the Competitive Edge and Workshops on Knowledge Capture and Transfer at KLCC
2008, Jul Relocation of ISTAC branch library to Taman Duta campus
2008, Jul Additional 28 units of carrel and research rooms were built
2008, Aug Organised the IIUM Library’s Client Day in conjunction with the university’s silver jubilee celebration
2008, Oct Paradigm Systems Bhd collaborated with IIUM Library in organising the Communities of Practice (CoP) programme
2008, Nov IIUM Library through SMART group, won 3rd place in the 1st National ICC Competition for Libraries 2008, Kuching, Sarawak
2009, Mar Official launching of the International Institute of Islamic Banking & Finance
2009, May IIUM Library received the Quality Agency Award (Non-academic) during the Quality Day
2009, Jul The Colloquium on Information on Islam and the Cyberworld was organized by Persatuan Pustakawan Malaysia with the cooperation of IIUM Library
2009- Sept i-SMART ICC Group received the gold category award in the 2nd National Library ICC competition, Sabah.
2010, Mar IIUM Library was awarded the 1st prize of the Quality Agency Award on Quality day
2010, May IIUM Library organized the Workshop on Cataloguing with Special Reference on Arabic Materials.
2010, June Symphony Library System goes live.
2010, Jul i-SMART ICC group received the Gold Category Award in the MPC''s ICC Convention, Central Region.

With strong support from the University Management and the campus community, InsyaAllah IIUM Library will develop steadly as a dynamic influence on the scholastic life of IIUM scholars and endeavour to meet the information needs of its customers taking advantage of the best ICT applications for effective outcomes.