Doctor of Philosophy in Economics

The Department of Economics offer the Ph.D in Economics which combines both conventional and Islamic aspects to produce experts who are competent in both conventional and Islamic Economics; to encourage further research in Islamic Economics and Policies in line with the fast changing economic environment. The department's strength is in the areas of Islamic Economics, International Economics, Monetary Economics, Macroeconomics and Development Economics

Programme Description

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Duration / Mode of Programme

Students may enrol on a full-time or part-time basis.

The duration of studies for both full-time and part-time students is as follows:






2 academic years

3 academic years

6 academic years


3 academic years

6 academic years

8 academic years


Entry Requirements

Programme Structure

The Ph.D in Economics programme comprises 12 credit hours of coursework (4 core courses) and 60 credits hours of thesis. Candidate must pass the qualifying comprehensive examination before they can proceed to the thesis stage.

Core Courses

Course Code

Course Name

ECON 7110

Microeconomic Theory

ECON 7310

Macroeconomic Theory

ECON 7625

Islamic Economics

ECON 7910

Research Methods

Qualifying Comprehensive Examination

Students pursuing Ph.D. in Economics must pass a qualifying comprehensive examination. The examination will be conducted in the regular semesters. Before sitting for the qualifying/comprehensive examination, students must successfully complete all course works relevant to the examination and attain a minimum a CPGA of 3.00.The examination consists of a three-hour written examination and an oral examination. The qualifying examination is scheduled and administered by the Kulliyyah Postgraduate Committee. Question for the examination cover both the course work undertaken by the candidate as well as general knowledge related to Islamic economics, macroeconomics and microeconomics theories. A student who failed the qualifying examination may appeal to resit for the examination at a later date. Failure to pass the examination in the second attempt will cause the student to be dismissed from the programme.


PhD Dissertation

The second year of study is devoted to the formulation and development of a thesis topic. Candidates need to prepare their dissertation proposals to be presented and approved by the Dissertation Supervisory Committee. Upon approval, the candidates continue to work on their dissertation under faculty supervision. The final research work on their (dissertation) needs to be defended in a viva voce.


A relevant Bachelor's degree with good grades (CGPA 3.0) from an accredited instituion of higher learning or any other certificates recognized to be equivalent to a Bachelor's degree and with relevant professional experience.

A relevant Master's degree (CGPA 3.0) from an accredited institution of higher learning.



In addition to the Kulliyyah requirements, an applicant must produce satisfactory proof of proficiency of English Language by :

- The Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a minimum score of 550 or
- The International English Language Testing Services (IELTS) with a score of 6.0 or
- The IIUM-administered English Placement Test (EPT) with a minimum score 6.0.

* All information is correct at the time of publication. All requirements are subject to amendment by the Management of International Islamic University Malaysia.