What to do before change request is made

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The Change Initiator is advised to carefully plan for the change. Relevant testing should be done to ensure that the planned change activities will be successfully implemented. Review the items to be completed on the ICR form and the Change Request Report. When the form and report are submitted, the Change Initiator is expected to have performed the appropriate communication and discussion with the relevant parties (including the Change Coordinators and Change Implementers) to ensure that the planned activities are understood by all parties concerned.

The Change Initiator should take note on the possible types of change and the corresponding activities for each type of change. The expected duration of the submission of the ICR form and the Change Request Report need to be planned properly, since the change authority needs ample time for processing, amendments, submission to the CAC members and decision notification.  If the change request involves service downtime, an acceptable minimum 3 days notice to the IIUM community is needed to inform them on the planned downtime.