Student Internship Programme

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Placement for Internship Programme
Information Technology Division, IIUM

Information Technology Division is collaborating with the academic departments in IIUM and external educational institutions throughout Malaysia in offering placement of students for internship programme at the division. We accept students from diploma and degree programmes of various academic specializations, especially in the following areas:

1)      Engineering (specializing in networking)
2)      Engineering (specializing in telecommunication)
3)      Engineering (specializing in wireless)
4)      Application system development
5)      Web and multimedia
6)      Computing support
7)      Networking support
8)      Telecommunication support
9)      Office administration
10)     Event management
11)     Customer service management
12)     Operations Management
13)     IT Project management


Depending on the area of the academic specialization, the interns will be assigned a supervisor to manage the interns throughout his/her internship placement at the division. The interns will be exposed to the working environment by involving themselves in the relevant activities of the division. Prior to the on-the-job training experience, all interns will be required to undergo an orientation programme which includes the following:

1)      Introduction to the International Islamic University Malaysia
2)      Introduction to the Information Technology Division
3)      Briefing on attendance and other relevant human resource general matters
4)      Briefing on internship programme expectation, job assignment, schedule and team members
5)      Training on ICT customer service (theory)
6)      Training on ICT customer service (hands-on)
7)      Training on relevant prerequisite for knowledge and skills , e.g familiarization with database concept and systems, front-end development tools, trouble-shooting tools, support techniques, business related information and others
8)      Orientation recap (includes tests/quizzes, alignment of expectation and understanding, questions and answers session)


At the end of the internship programme, the interns are expected to gain acceptable level of knowledge, skills and experience in the following:

1)      Provision of customer care and support, related to IT services
2)      Developing, maintaining and trouble-shooting relevant areas of specialization (e.g. databases,  application systems, network, telecommunication and customer support, etc) as assigned by the division
3)      Adaptation of acceptable work culture, attitude and values



Since the seat for placement for internship is limited, students/internship coordinators who are interested with our placement for internship programme shall submit the application for internship placement latest 1 (ONE) month before the internship programme starts. All application should be officially submitted by mail, fax or email to our internship administrator as indicated in the CONTACTS section below.




Any inquiries or submission of application for the placement of internship at the Information Technology Division, IIUM should be forwarded to:

Information Technology Division, IIUM
P.O. Box 50728, Kuala Lumpur


Phone : 03-61964881            
Fax : 03-61964888