Annual Report 2015

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The year 2015 marks the end of the IIUM ICT Strategic Plan 2013-2015 with the theme
“Enabling IIUM Transformation by Providing Effective ICT Governance, Facilities and
Services”. Many significant initiatives spelt out in the action plan have been successfully
implemented while several others are either still being realized or unable to be done due to
constraints. It is evident that all the eight Key Result Areas (KRAs) in the current IIUM
Strategic Plan rely on ICT and this demand has contributed to the a fore mentioned constraints.
Bismillahir Rahmannir Rahim
Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh
Praises to Allah SWT that the second issue of the ITD Annual Report for the year 2015 has
been realized. Congratulations to all ITD staff whose contributions have made this possible.
In 2015, 11 ICT Projects were registered, 2 of which are IIUM Key Result Areas
(KRAs Projects); in the area of Quality Teaching and Learning and Knowledge Management.
In terms of awards, the Tutor Grader Demonstrator System (TGDS) won the University
Innovation Award in the International Research, Invention and Innovation Exhibition (IRIIE)
2015 and the Online Counseling Record System (OCRES) won GOLD for the “WHERE
ABOUT” module at the 2015 national level Innovative and Creative Circle Competition (ICC)
between all Public Universities.

Won 1st runner-up at the university level Innovative and Creative Circle (ICC) Competition 2015.
With OCReS student are able to do online booking of available counsellors within campus
area at any time and assessment of sessions can be done online.
Project Manager : Umi Kalthum, Maizul Aini
System Owner : Counseling Service Centre (CSC)
The ASPIRASI team (a collaboration between ITD and Counseling Services Division) won
GOLD (ICC 2015 PROJECT RANKING) for the application “WHERE ABOUT” at the 2015
national level Innovative and Creative Circle Competition (ICC) between all Public Universities,
held from 14 to 17 April 2015 at Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), Nilai,Negeri Sembilan.

e-CURE Launching
The e-Curriculum Evaluation \system (e-CURE) was launched during Al-LiqaAl-Shahri No. 3/2015 on 20th March2015.
e-CURE was developed in-house by ITD in order to support the establishment of new academic programmes for the approval by MQA.
It keeps track of the progress of the programmme proposal from the beginning until the approval by MQA.
It also reviews programme outcomes (PO) and learning outcomes (LO), taxonomy level matrix, student learning time (SLT)
and Soft Skills (Kemahiran Insaniah) matrix for each programme.
Why e-CURE ?
TIme used to evaluate the curriculum will be reduced tremendously and is also user friendly. With searching facilities, exact
information regarding Kulliyyah and programme can be searched within seconds. The system is secured and stores all the
data in one place. Paperless environment. The e-CURE can be assessed at :
Starting from this year, academic staff have to change their Student Academic System
Oracle account password every 6 months due to security reasons.
Before staff can change their passwords, they must have their mobile numbers registered
in the MyIIUM portal ( If you have already registered for email
password self-reset, you do not have to register your mobile number again. For newly
registered IIUM email users, your mobile number will be registered automatically.
One Place for ICT Services Inquiries & To Report Service Faults
As part of our continuous effort to enhance customer experience, ITD has launched the
self-service i-Service Desk System (i-SDS) for any ICT services inquiries or to report any
service faults. The i-SDS can be used by students, staff, alumni and the general public.
The i-SDS can be accessed at:
IIUM Quality Day (Best Booth Award) CAC, IIUM GOMBAK CAMPUS
ITD won first place for the Best Booth Award during the IIUM Quality Day 2015, which was held at the CAC on 29 April 2015.


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