Bachelor of Human Sciences in English Language and Literature

The Bachelor of Human Science in English Language and Literature programme helps students to have solid foundation in the areas of English Language, particularly Literature and Linguistics. It offers students a number of courses to help develop their understanding of the nuances and distinctions of the English Language. The programme hopes to develop and nurture in students an appreciation of the English Language and the ability to think critically about the daily use of English in all spheres of life. Studying English encourages them to think laterally and analytically, consequently helping them to solve problems creatively. Specifically, it prepares students for a life in demanding professions such as teaching, editing, translating and in the areas of consultancy, services, commerce and the media. In line with the university’s mission of Islamicisation of knowledge, the courses are taught with Islam in mind. The well-rounded curriculum allows students and staff to explore their strengths and weaknesses in applying English to their life with Islam at the core of their outlook of life.

Programme Description

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At the undergraduate level, students work on fundamental and major courses before choosing to specialise in any three areas of specialisation: language, literature or a combination of both. The programme normally requires four years of full time study. Students in this programme are engaged in in-depth study of the linguistic and/or literary aspects of the English language.

Entry Requirements

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