IIUM Research Ethics Committee (IREC)

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Welcome to IREC's Official Website ♦ Protecting life, health, dignity & integrity...

IIUM Research Ethics Committee (IREC) was established to safeguard the interests, rights, dignity, welfare, health and wellbeing of patients and research participants. In doing so, IREC help to promote high ethical standards in patient care, professional education, clinical research, and community interests. IREC, formerly known as ethics committee, was first established in 2004. The name was later changed to IREC in February 2012 to reflect its role as the University’s ethics committee and this was endorsed by the highest authority of the university. Its mandate, on behalf of the University, is to protect the rights and welfare of human participants who take part in research conducted under the auspices of the University. IREC has the duty to provide guidance to researchers and to ensure that research involving persons is carried out safely with considered consent and respect to autonomy and privacy of the subjects, with principles of distributive justice and in accordance with the ethical principles.

Research Ethics"All research involving human participants must be conducted in a manner that respects the dignity, safety and rights of research participants and that recognizes the responsibilities of researchers....." Read more.


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