Statement following a road accident involving Br. Muhammad Hariz bin Md. Yusoff

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A road accident occurred near Gombak Toll Plaza and involving Br. Muhammad Hariz bin Md. Yusoff, a fourth-year first-semester student of Bachelor of Laws (Syariah) programme and resident of Mahallah as-Siddiq, was reported in Facebook around 10 pm, Friday, 19 May 2017.

Victim's family in Johor Bahru have been notified of the accident and have their representative came to Selayang Hospital to see the situation. Students' Representative Council (SRC), Law Students' Society (LAWSOC) and Mahallah as-Siddiq have immediately responded to the accident and came to Selayang Hospital to provide further assistance. 

At the time of issuing this statement, the victim is still being treated and is reported stable. Victim's family is expected to arrive at Selayang Hospital, this afternoon. Until the arrival of the victim's family, caretakers have been designated to follow the situation and provide necessary support to the victim.

SRC, LAWSOC, Mahallah as-Siddiq as well as the victim's caretakers continue to closely follow the situation, provide necessary assistance to the victim and his family, and appreciate and acknowledge all prayers, thought and support shared with the victim and his family.