Important Announcement From Visa Unit

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All International students who are coming to IIUM must apply for the Visa Approval Letter (VAL). It is a directive from the Government of Malaysia that, starting from 1st April 2015 all applications will be processed by the Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS).  Student may log into the online application via EMGS website.  Information on how to apply is available on the website Students are required to submit their applications at least 6 weeks before the date of enrollment.
Effective 01 December 2016, all students intending to enroll in mobility programmes will be required to apply through EMGS.
Please be reminded that international students are not allowed to enter Malaysia unless the Immigration Department of Malaysia has approved their visa for student pass. Therefore, please do not make any arrangements to come to the university before receiving the visa approval letter (VAL).
The university will not be responsible if the student come to Malaysia without the visa approvaland you will have to return to your home countryat your own expense. The university will not provide any passage allowance or any extra allowance to pay for immigration purposes. All expenses incurred must be borne by the student.
Students are also required to make the necessary travelling arrangement to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. International students must ensure thattheirinternational passports have a validity period of at least two(2) years or throughout their study period.
Effective from 1st December 2016, all new International students who have been offered admission into IIUM may apply for Student Visa directly through the EMGS website ( note that Online EMGS Student Visa system is applicable for those applicant who are residing outside Malaysia. For those applicants who  are in Malaysia with Social Pass or Visit Pass must exit Malaysia and apply for VAL at their home country they get approval by Immigration of Malaysia. The application for VAL will not be processed if the applicant fails to adhere to the procedure.
Student may check the Student Visa application status at this link IIUM will email the Visa Approval Letter via email after approval is given by Immigration of Malaysia.
Kindly note that the student is advises to alert with any notification update by EMGS if pending process due to incomplete document.
Upon receiving the Visa Approval Letter (VAL), student may plan or make arrangement to enter Malaysia. The Visa Approval Letter is only valid for six (6) months. Student MUST apply for Single Entry Visa within the validity of VAL. Failing to do so; a new application for VAL has to be made.
Application to obtain Single Entry Visa can be made at Malaysian Embassy as stated at his/her VAL. However, if the student is a citizen of a country that does not require a visa to enter Malaysia, he/she will be able to enter Malaysia provided he/she produces the VAL at the point of entry. Failure to produce a VAL may result he/she not being allowed to enter the country.
Kindly check with Malaysian Embassy at his/her home country before finalizing his/her  travel to this country. Students are advised to enter Malaysia two or three days before the enrolment day.
Upon arrival at the airport / entry point in Malaysia, he/she will be required to show his/her Visa Approval Letter (VAL) at the immigration check point. A special pass will be stamped in his/her passport to give him/her valid stay while EMGS processes your student pass. The validity of this special pass can range between 14 to 30 days. This is at the discretion of Immigration Department.
Within that period given, the student will need to complete the following process to obtain a student’ pass:
A)  Enroll as a student
B)   Do the Medical checkup within 7 days from the date of entry
C)   Apply for student pass at Visa Unit, Office of International Affairs. You are required to surrender your passport, insurance cover note and revenue stamp RM10
The student may check the progress of student pass through EMGS website. The student pass will be replacing the temporary special pass which he/she received at the point of entry. Once his/her student pass has been issued, EMGS will issue the student identity card (iKad). Visa Unit, IIUM will notify the student via email or phone call for passport collection.
Visa Fee: RM 450.00
Payment through Bank Telegraphic Transfer (TT), Debit Advise or Interbank transfer must state the Student’s name and Matric Number: payment should be made to:
Beneficiary:  Finance Director, International Islamic University Malaysia
Account Number: 1407-0000004716
Swift Code: BMMBMYKL
Payment should be made before arrival. Hence, a   copy of the bank-in slip should be forwarded via email to Office of International Affairs: to bring the original copy on the registration day.
o   In order to be eligible for this, you must be enrolled as a fulltime student in an overseas university which is registered by the governing body in its country of operation. You will be required to show proof of this by providing either a letter from your current university, or a copy of your student card certified by your current university.
o   All mobility programmes should not exceed 12 months.
o   The student mobility programme is only applicable for students applying to Public Universities, Private Universities, and Foreign Branch Campuses.
o   If your mobility program is longer than 3 months, the process and document requirements will be the same as a regular international student applying to study in Malaysia. This means that a Visa Approval Letter will be issued and you will receive a student pass (for the duration of your programme in Malaysia) once you arrive in the country. An iKad will also be issued to you.
o   You will be required to attend a medical screening once you arrive in Malaysia. If you fail to do the medical screening you will not be issued with a student pass and will be required to leave the country.
o   All students are required to obtain a valid insurance policy in Malaysia. Students can obtain an insurance policy which is available in IIUM.
o   Dependant passes will not be issued for the families of students who enroll in mobility programmes.
1.       The offer letter stating that you have been offered placement to undergo a Mobility Course in Malaysia.
2.       Confirmation letter of the student from Home University
3.       A copy of your passport pages which includes:
o   Passport Information Page
o   Observation Pages (Extensions, Clarifications of Name and Previous Passport Numbers)
o   All Visa Information
4.       A passport photo with a white Background (35mm x 45mm) as per EMGS requirements
5.       Minimum passport of validity is at least two (2) years.
6.       Pre-Arrival Medical Screening Health Examination Report.
Mobility students who are citizens of the 14 countries listed below are exempted from pre-arrival medical screening:
o   United Kingdom
o   Japan
o   USA
o   Australia
o   South Korea
o   Belgium
o   Finland
o   France
o   Germany
o   Netherlands
o   Spain
o   Sweden
o   Switzerland
o   Turkey
However, the student needs to fill up the Declaration Health Status Form and submit together with other documents.




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