Agile and Sustainable Manufacturing Research Unit (ASMARU)

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A major challenge to manufacturing industries today is meeting higher variability of customer demand with consequently lower production volumes for particular products. This requires manufacturing at the right time, the precise quantity of appropriate quality at reasonable cost. The increased emphasis on customisation and shorter lead-time results in the need for organisations, especially manufacturing enterprises, to be more effective and efficient. They also must be more agile in their response to changing market demands while at the same time must also maintain sustainable advantage over their competitors.

Agile and Sustainable Manufacturing Research Unit (ASMARU) covers, but not limited to the following area of research and consultancies: Materials Removal Processes, Forming Processes, Casting and Joining, Precision Engineering, Nanotechnology, Computer Aided Engineering, Manufacturing Control System, Environmental Issues and Management in Manufacturing, Value Analysis and Value Engineering, Manufacturing Strategy and Costing.

More information on the research group can be found HERE