Beware of Bad Rabbit Ransomware October 2017

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Beware of Bad Rabbit Ransomware October 2017
Beware of Bad Rabbit Ransomware October 2017
Introduction What is Bad Rabbit Ransomware
Ransom.BadRabbit is a Trojan horse that encrypts files on the compromised computer. It then asks the user to pay to have their files decrypted. 
Effect of the Attack
It will Leak the user information, Encrypt user data and can cause the disruption of services.
Information Related to Bad Rabbit 
1. Bad Rabbit Ransomware has been detected coming from Russia, Ukraine, Turki dan German.
2. Regarding from the Security Agencies the malware infected through fake adobe flash update.
3. Bad Rabbit will claim the money through bitcoin if end user infected want to decrypt their files.
Operating System Infected
Most of the Windows Operating system.
Preventive Action.
1  To make sure our windows operating system is up to date.
2. Think and verify first before click a strangers attachment from email.
3. Think before click any link you get from strangers email.
4. To make sure antivirus up to date
5. Enable windows antivirus
6. Beware if any latest update asked for adobe flash software. 
7. Beware of any link related with, it spread malware !