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Toward a Safer and Secure IIUM Cyberspace
 provide you information and tips on how to secure your online transaction.

[ Video ] Online Safety, Security Tips and Advice



Latest Cybersecurity News For IIUM Community

Pinpointing Your Security Risks  Vulnerability scanning got its start as a tool for the bad guys; now it's helping companies find exposed network ports and at-risk applications.
Step-by-step checklist of top 5 things you need to know.
Learn why mobility poses new data security and compliance challenges to IT.

Laptop Security: The First Line of Defense  Get bullet-proof strategies for protecting your business's laptops in this Kensington white paper.

Securing Your Home Network  

Quick Tips For Online Safety

1. Teaching Your Kids about Online Safety
2.  Safe During Online Banking
3. Safety On Internet Chat
4.  Your Computer Security Checklist 
5. Common Terms in Internet Security

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