Centre for Teaching and Learning

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Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL)


The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is IIUM’s academic service unit that promotes and supports teaching and learning excellence in direct support of the University’s mission and vision. To assist the academic community in designing the teaching that would best facilitate students learning. 

CTL provides professional development programs and workshop series in line with the 21st century teaching and learning paradigm. The effort also includes overseeing the development, management and execution of e-learning matters to support the University’s digital approach towards teaching and learning. 


Vision: To be an internationally recognized center for professional development in teaching and learning

Mission: To provide comprehensive teaching and learning professional development programmes in accordance to IIUM’s mission and vision

CTL is responsible for:

1.      Governance of IIUM teaching and learning policies

2.      Governance of IIUM e-learning and educational technology policies

3.      Liaison office for DEPAN 2.0 implementation

4.      Malaysia MOOC initiative management

5.      Professional development of IIUM faculty pertaining to teaching, learning, research, and leadership

6.      Development and execution of training programs pertaining to 21st century learning and teaching needs

7.      IIUM representative to MEIPTA & MAGNETIC and other official seminars/workshops/conferences related to teaching & learning by MoHE


The centre is divided into two units, the professional development unit and the e-Learning unit.


Professional Development Unit

This unit is responsible for:

1.      Development and execution of professional development programs related to 21st century pedagogy, e-learning needs, and instructional technology skills for the university’s academic staff.

2.      Implementing and managing the teaching and learning policies as stipulated by the university & MoHE.

3.      Representing the university in Majlis Kerjasama Ketua-ketua Pusat Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran IPTA Malaysia (MAGNETIC).


e-Learning Unit

This unit will be responsible for:

1.     All matters pertaining to the management, maintenance and usage of iTaLeEM as the official e-Learning platform of the university (in liaison with ITD for technical support).

2.     All matters pertaining to the development, management, and execution of MOOC courses that have been designated by the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE).

3.     Implementing and managing the policies for e-Learning and 21st century pedagogy based on the MoHE Dasar e-Pembelajaran Negara 2.0 (DEPAN 2.0) document.

4.     All matters pertaining to the usage of Google for Education and Microsoft 365 as alternative e-Learning platforms for the university.

5.     All matters pertaining to the development and management of Open Educational Resources (OER), Open Courseware (OCW), and MOOC under the purview of the university.

6.     Representing the university in Majlis Ketua-ketua e-Pembelajaran IPTA Malaysia (MEIPTA).




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