Parallel Sessions Presentation

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Punishment and Reform
(Moderator: Dr. Norasiah Mohamed)
Crimes against the State
(Moderator: Dr. Haniff Ahamat)
Law Enforcement
(Moderator: Prof. Dr. Aiman@Nariman bt Mohd. Sulaiman)
Criminal Evidence
(Moderator: Prof. Dr. Ainul Jaria bt Maidin)


2.00 PM – 5.00 PM

Crime and Punishment in a Modern 
Muslim State: A Pragmatic Approach
Mohd Altaf Hussain Ahangar (Prof. Dr.)


Alternatives to Custodial Penalties: A 
Maqasidi Approach
Dr Halima Boukerroucha


Section 375 Exception and Section 375A Penal Code – Legitimizing Rape within Marriage: A Call for Reform


Usharani Balasingam



Criminal Liability for Non-Compliance of Industrial Court’s Award


Ashgar Ali Ali Mohamed (Prof. Dr.); Farheen Baig Sardar Baig (Assoc. Prof. Dr.)


Criminal Prosecution against Doctors in Indonesia: Issues and Problems


Muh Endriyo Susila


From a Fiduciary to a Criminal: A Case of Personal Representative’s Misconducts in the Administration of the Deceased’s Estate


Akmal Hidayah Halim (Dr.); Nor Azlina Mohd Noor


Towards the Recognition of Muslim Personal Law in the United Kingdom: the case of Islamic Shariah Councils


Narizan Abdul Rahman (Dr.)

War Crimes of Targeting Civilians: 
Examining the Downing of Malaysian 
Airliner MH-17
Mohammed Naqib Ishan Jan (Prof. Dr.); 
Abdulrashid Lawan Haruna


Protecting ASEAN interest in Somali water


Mohd. Yazid Zul Kepli (Dr.); Milli Mono



Indonesia’s Counter-Terrorism Policy, 2001-2009


El-Fatih Abdullahi Abdelsalam (Prof. Dr.)



War Crimes in the Operation Protective Edge in Gaza


Gholamreza Khaji (Dr.); Mohammad Hossein Dorri (Dr.)


Combating Maritime Offences in Malaysia: An Analysis of Legal and Procedural Loopholes


Prof. Dr. Abdul Ghafur Hamid @ Khin Maung Sein


Building Bridge to Criminality by the Non Profit Organizations in the Risky Society


Zaiton Hamin (Assoc. Prof. Dr.); Siti Saidah Nafisah Omar; Rohana Othman (Prof. Dr.)


Issues and Challenges of Terrorism in Malaysia – With Reference to Jemaah Islamiah Operatives


Supt. Abd. Halim bin Bulat; SAC Abd. Aziz bin Ahmad; SAC Dr. Yew Chong Hooi

Law Enforcement through Justice and 
Ethical Institution: An Analysis from Islamic 
Nurizal Ismail; Samsul Bahri


Preventing the Crime of Corruption in 
Nigeria: The Islamic Method and the Roles 
of Nigerian Muslim Youth
Imam-Tamim, Muhammad Kamaldeen; 
Najibah Mohd Zin (Prof. Dr.); Norliah 
Ibrahim (Dr.)


Forgiving the Enemy: The Concept of 
Forgiveness in the Law of Qisas and its 
Application in the Modern World 
Majdah Zawawi (Dr.); Nasimah Husain 
(Assoc. Prof. Dr.)


Enforcement of Syariah Criminal Offences 
in Selangor: Issues and Challenges
Ramizah Wan Muhammad ; Abdul Shukor 
Abdul Hamid; Abdul Rahman Thobroni; 
Nasimah Hussin 


Prevention of Dowry-related Crimes: A 
Comparative Appreciation of Role of the 
Law Enforcing Agencies of Bangladesh and 
Mohammad Abu Taher; Siti Zaharah Binti 
Jamaluddin (Assoc. Prof. Dr.)


The Development of Environmental Crime and Sanctions in Malaysia


Maizatun Mustafa (Dr.); Nurah Sabahiah Mohamed (Dr.)


Appraising State Surveillance in the Cyberspace: National Security or Intervention?


Shahrizal M Zin (Dr.)

Admissibility of Confession in the Criminal 
Justice Process: Revisit and Reappraisal
Mohd. Akram Shair Mohamed (Prof. Dr.); 
Raja Badrol Hisham Raja Mohd. Ali


The Voluntariness of the Concept of Plea 
Bargaining in the Nigerian Legal System
Ibrahim Danjuma; Gan Ching Chuan 
(Assoc. Prof)


Malaysian Judiciary’s Response to the Sea 
Change to the Common Law Rules Relating 
to Similar Fact Evidence 
Mohd. Akram Shair Mohamed (Prof. Dr.); 
Zulfakar Ramlee (Dr.)


Admissibility of Delayed Complaint Rule at Trial for Rape
Mohamad Ismail Bin Mohamad Yunus


Authentication of Electronic Evidence in Cybercrime Cases Based on Malaysian Laws and Islamic Law 

Mursilalaili Mustapa Sa’di; Dr Duryana 
Mohamed; AP Dr Abdul Rani Kamarudin; 
& Dr Zulfakar Ramlee


Disclosure of Wrongdoings and Protection of Employee Whistleblower under the Malaysian and Nigerian Law


Ashgar Ali Ali Mohamed (Prof. Dr.); Abubakar Aminu Ahmad

Punishment & Reform
(Moderator: Dr. Mohd. Baharuddin bin Harun)
Crimes against the State
(Moderator: Assoc. Prof. Dr.M. Hisham Kamal)
Commerce and New Form of Crimes
(Moderator: Prof. Dr. Mushera Bibi bt Ambaras Khan)
Judiciary & Administration of Justice

(Moderator: Prof. Dr. A. Haseeb Ansari)

THURSDAY (20 NOV 2014)

10.15 AM – 1.00 PM



The New Discretionary Death Penalty for Drug Couriers in Singapore: Evidential, Certification, and Sentencing Issues


Chen Siyuan 


Double Track System on Sentencing 
Toward Juvenile Offender in Indonesia: 
Strengths and Weaknesses of Juvenile 
Criminal Justice Act 2012 
Rusmilawati Windari; Ermania Widjajanti


Protecting Children from the Crime of Baby 
Dumping: Malaysian and Nigerian 
Azizah Mohd (Assoc. Prof. Dr.); Alhaji 
Umar Alkali


“Baby Factories”: A New Phase of Human 
Trafficking and Human Rights Violation in 
Kabo, Sarinus Ettor


Prospective Overruling in Criminal Law


Kenny Lau Hui Ming and Daniel Liu Zhao Xiang


Reflections on the New Penal Code of Maldives


Batool Zahoor Qazi; Fathimath Waheeda

Defining the Israel's Offensive in Gaza: Self-Defence or War Crimes?

Abdulrashid Lawan Haruna; Mohammed Naqib Ishan Jan (Prof. Dr.)



Cross-border Crime and Its Security Threats on Eastern Sabah-ESSCOM Perspectives

ACP Willey Anak Richard

Addressing the Root Causes of Terrorism in Negeria and the Efficacy of Nigeria Counter-Terrorism Regimes- Prescriptions for Reform
Hassan; Yakubu Baba, (Ph.D.)


Conceptualizing Terrorism Financing in the Age of Insecurity


Zaiton Hamin (Assoc. Prof. Dr.); Hayyum Suleikha Selamat; Rohana Othman (Prof. Dr.)



Socio-Religious Crises in Nigeria: The Subsisting Challenge of Boko-Haram Insurgency and Joint Task Force (JTF) Counterinsurgency Measures in the Context of Crimes Against Humanity


Daniel F. Atidoga


The Legal Mechanisms to Prosecute the 
“Israeli” War Criminals and the Israeli 
Occupation Authority
Abdelrahman A.A. Rehan (Dr.); Kamal J. I. Badrasawi (Dr.)
The Scope of Taxation of Income from 
Illegal Activities 
Mohsin Hingun (Assoc. Prof. Dr)


Anti-Money Laundering Legislation in 
Malaysia: Illegal Deposit-Taking 
Norhashimah Mohd. Yasin (Prof. Dr.); 
Mohd Yazid Zul Kepli (Dr.)


Criminalization of Infringement of 
Traditional Cultural Expression (TCE) 
Suzi Fadhilah Ismail (Dr.); Ida Madieha 
Azmi (Prof. Dr.)


Conundrum for Justice: Revisit the Bakun Project
Juriah Abdul Jalil (A/P, Dr); Hamimah 
Hamzah (Dr.)


The Shariah Approach to Criminalise 
Identity Theft 
Sidi Mohamed; Sonny Zulhuda (Dr.)


Sons & Daughters Program – Legitimate Networking or Corrupt Practice?


Austin I Pullé

Re-visiting the Role of A Mufti in Dispensation of Criminal Justice in Africa: A Critical Appraisal of the Apostasy Case of Mariam Yahia Ibrahim 
Hunud Abia Kadouf (Prof. Dr.); Umar A. 
Oseni (Dr.); Magaji Chiroma


Shari‘ah Court and the Role of Muftis in the Nigerian Judiciary: Mission on Reviving 
the Lost Glory of Its Past
Magaji Chiroma; Mahamad bin Arifin (AP, 
Dr); Abdul Haseeb Ansari (Prof. Dr.); 
Mohammad Asmadi Abdullah (Dr.)


The Concept of Aceh Islamic Law and its 
Al Yasa ‘Abubakar (Prof. Dr.); Ridwan 
Nurdin (Dr.) 


The Influence of Islamic Law within Adat Law in Indonesia as Premise of Criminal Case Settlement through Restorative 
Justice Approach
Trisno Raharjo (Dr.)


From Earth to Heaven: An Examination of 
State Jurisdiction in the Space Station
Rafika Shari’ah Binti Mohd Hassan


Admissibility and Jurisdiction before the International Criminal Court Regarding the Boko Haram Situation in Nigeria

Kafayat Motilewa Quadri; Mohammad Naqib Ishan Jan (Prof. Dr.); Mohd. Iqbal Abdul Wahab (Dr.); Haniff Ahamat (Dr.)

Punishment and Reform 
(Moderator: Dr. Zulfakar Ramlee
Judiciary & Human Rights

(Moderator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Farid Sufian Shuaib)

New Technologies & Criminal Justice
 (Moderator: Dr. Wan Liza Mohd Amin)

THURSDAY (20 NOV 2014)

2.00 PM – 3.30 PM

Indecent Assault and its Application under 
the Malaysian Criminal Justice
Mohamad Ismail Bin Mohamad Yunus (Dr.)


A Comparative Review of Protection Orders in Six Jurisdictions


Chan Wing Cheong (Assoc. Prof.)


Sexual Harassment Law in India; Thus Far and Further


Batool Zahoor Qazi


The Defence of Reasonable Belief of the Accused in Criminal Law: Special Reference to the Defences of Necessity, Duress and Self Defence 

Mohd. Iqbal Abdul Wahab (Dr.)



On the Right to Assemble under the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012: A Critique


Siti Aliza Alias


Shariah and the Nigeria State: Balancing the Paradox of Freedom of Religion and the Supremacy of the Constitution


Hassan, Yakubu Baba, (Ph.D.)


Violation of Human Rights under the Pretext of Counter-Terrorism Measures: A Critical Legal Analysis of the United States of America’s Declaration of War on Terrorism 


Behnam Rastegari (Dr.); Shohreh Mousavi; Rohaida Nordin (Assoc. Prof. Dr.)


The Frenzy Effectiveness of International Human Rights Treaties in Bangladesh


Md. Zubair Kasem Khan; Md. Mosa Shakil



Moving towards an “Eagle-Eyed” Society: Malaysian Perspective


Md. Zubair Kasem Khan; Sonny Zulhuda (Dr.)



ICT Crimes against Children in Malaysia: Is our law adequate to meet the digital challenge?


Juriah Abd Jalil (Assoc.Prof.Dr.); Shukriah Mohd Sheriff (Dr.)



Legislating for Cybercrime


Fathimath Waheedha



Facebook Shaming as a Tool to Reduce Crime in Malaysia: Evaluating Effect and Impact


Shahrul Mizan Ismail (Dr.)