Objective & Programme

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The modern criminal justice system is a comprehensive system of practices and institutions of governments directed at maintaining social control by mitigating crime. The term ‘Law, Order and Criminal Justice’ is used to cover all the different agencies and organizations that are involved in enforcing law and order, preventing crime and meting out punishment and how they work together in establishing the principles of equity, fairness and justice.

In this fast-changing world, these practices and institutions cannot remain static. They must change and evolve as criminals and syndicates also adapt to the changing system. This conference focuses on the spirit, form and challenges of the following 5 pillars of the criminal justice system:

  • The community
  • Law enforcement
  • Prosecution
  • The court
  • The correctional system

It examines the tension posed by new technologies such as ICT and biotechnology in the ‘form’ of crimes, evidence as well as punishment. The force of globalization and international trade has also given rise to new commercial crimes across borders that require rethinking of traditional concepts such as criminality, evidence gathering and punishment.

Objectives of the Conference

The objectives of the conference are:

  • To identify and explore theories and practices of law, order and criminal justice in the era of globalization
  • To engage in an intellectual and critical discourse on issues relating to the theme
  • To forge a discussion between the law enforcement agencies and the academic community on issues relating to the theme
 Tentative Programme



International Conference on Law, Order & Criminal Justice