Engineering Programmes (Foundation)

The objective of the Foundation Programme is to prepare candidates for admission into bachelor degree programmes in the University as follows:
1) B.Eng. in Biochemical-Biotechnology Engineering
2) B.Eng. in Computer & Information Engineering
3) B.Eng. in Communications Engineering
4) B.Eng. in Mechatronics Engineering
5) B.Eng. in Aerospace Engineering
6) B.Eng. in Automotive Engineering
7) B.Eng. in Manufacturing Engineering
8) B.Eng. in Materials Engineering
9) B.Eng. in Civil Engineering

Programme Description

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Foundation at Engineering Programme
Open to A Category:
Sciences/Technical Stream
(For Bumiputera Only)
Programme Durations – 1 year
Campus Petaling Jaya / Gambang, Pahang

Entry Requirements

Refer to Foundation Programmes Offered Hand Book