Programme Structure

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Phase I

Phase I consist of 4 blocks in Year 1 and 4 blocks in Year 2.


Professional examinations

1.    There will be two Professional examinations, at the end of Year 1 and Year 2.

2.    During each block there will be continuous assessment such as tests, laboratory projects, tutorials, presentations and assignments.

3.    Students are required to complete the Operative Techniques projects before their 2nd professional examination.

4.    The assessment for 1st and 2nd Professional examination consist of :

       ♦ Continuous assessment: 30%

       ♦ Professional examination: 70%

       ♦ Viva voce (for distinction and borderline)

5.    Students who fail in the 1st and 2nd Professional Examinations will be given a re-examination within 1-2 month after the date of the professional exmas. Students who fail the Professional re-examination will be required to repeat the year.

6.    The maximum time permitted for a student to complete Phase 1 of the dental programme is 3 years. Students are allowed to repeat only once in Phase 1


Phase II

Phase II is made up of three clinical years. There are 4 blocks in a year.

There will be continuous daily clinical assessment and also a requirement to fulfill the clinical schedule in every clinical discipline.

At the end of Block 4 there will be a Professional examination consisting of written and clinical examination. The marks for the Professional examination consist of:

       ♦Continuous assessment: 30%

       ♦Clinical examination: 20%

       ♦written examination: 50%