Programme Learning Outcomes

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Learning Outcomes

At the end of the programmes, graduates must be competent in the aspects below:
  • Inculcate Islamic values in knowledge, practice and ethics of dentistry.
  • Understand the basic biomedical, clinical and technical sciences in the normal and pathological conditions relevant to dentistry and be competent to safely and efficiently apply this information to clinical situations.
  • Be able to conduct general dental practice independently, safely, and professionally using clinical and entrepreneurial expertise.
  • Understand the moral ethical and legal responsibilities involved in the provision of care to individual patients and to populations applicable to the practice of dentistry.
  • Be competent in conducting research, investigation, analysis, problem solving, planning, interpersonal relationships and understanding their relevance in relation to the dental practice.
  • Be competent in communicating effectively with patients, the community and associotes, and with other health professionals involved in their care.
  • Be competent in obtaining and recording comprehensive medical and dental history and performing appropriate clinical examination.
  • Be competent in decision making, clinical reasoning and judgement in order to develop differential, provisional or definitive diagnosis by interpreting and correlating findings from the history, clinical and radiographic examination and other diagnostic tests, taking into account the social and cultural background of the individual and utilizing updated techniques.
  • Be competent to recognize cases that need to be referred to specialists.
  • Be competent to educate and motivate patients of all ages with emphasis on the current concepts of preventation and treatment of oral disease; support the maintenance of systemic and oral health, and improving the oral health of individuals, families and groups in the community.
  • Be competent to provide appropriate oral health care within the scope of general dentistry for the child, adolescent, adult, geriatric and medically compromised patient.
  • Be competent to prevent and manage the medical and majority of dental emergency situations encountered in the general practice of dentistry.